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Turfing Services

Turf Installation & Laying Service in Sydney Region
turfing installation and maintenance services

Landscaping can add to the aesthetic beauty of your property. Turfing improves the look and overall beauty of your garden and property.

Master Groups has great experience in turfing gardens and other landscapes. Having laid several lawns throughout the region, our expertise in turfing is second to none. You can enjoy the highest quality finished lawn once we finish our job.

Why choose us?

Turfing requires great skill set and expertise. Art and science requiring a great deal of precision and skill, turfing has to be done by an expert. Several minute aspects have to be taken into account– starting from the quality of the product used, how it is prepared for turfing and how it is laid.

Hence, it is best left to the expert hands in Master Groups. We have a team of specialists who are masters in garden maintenance and turfing. Their eye for details and commitment to quality will make sure you have the best turfs in your property.

Whether it is laying new turf or relaying old one, we are the people to go to. We take up both domestic and commercial projects and give the best solutions after taking into account the specific requirement of each project.

Our skilled team is fully trained and equipped to do the job with minimal disruption to your routine. Our team delivers each project within the agreed timelines with exceptional quality and professionalism.

Why not call us today and find out how soon we can help you lay the new turf you’ve always wanted? We are available on 02 8021 4901 to answer your queries.

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