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There are many types of walls people can choose from when they are looking to improve the appearance and functionality of their home/building boundaries. Some people might choose a traditional brick or stone wall, while others might go for a more modern option like a SlimWall®, VougueWall®, TrendWalk®, and EstateWall® and all are modern wall options that have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Each has its own unique benefits that make it a good choice for different homeowners. Let’s take a look at each type of wall so you can see which one is best suited for your needs!

What are ModularWalls?

Modular technology typically refers to how physically separate component parts can be fused to create a single functioning system. By utilizing this approach, you can create the wall-like appearance of bricks and render that don’t utilize bricks whatsoever! This means that walls made with ModularWalls products will look like they were built by hand using real brick instead of being mass-produced at some factory somewhere. The result is an authentic-looking product that looks just like traditional brick without all the hassle and expense associated with producing them on-site.

Modular Walls are available in standard height, high-level walls and can be combined together to create larger structures.

Used as an Acoustic Fence

Modularwalls is also used as acoustic fence or sound barrier for residential use in Australia as it has been approved under Australian Building Code requirements. It’s so effective that it was recently installed to protect the Sydney Opera House from noise pollution during its construction period.

What is a Modular Wall made of?

AcoustiMax wall panels (which are the panels featured in SlimWall, TrendWall, VogueWall, and EstateWall) are all built from fiber cement skins, and held to a lightweight EPS core with laminated paper. Posts are manufactured from steel or aluminium, both of which reinforce them with galvanised alloy. ModularWalls design, engineer, and manufacture all of its products in Australia, with an emphasis on strict quality control according to international ISO9001 standards.

Using quality, Australian Made products from locally sourced materials, ModularWalls’ exquisite wall and fencing systems offer a high-end fencing option that is more affordable and accessible for the average Australian home.

ModularWall Bay Components

The following is a graphic of an existing bay and its main components. A bay’s components can vary depending on the job.

ModularWall Bay Components Graphic

Some of the Benefits of ModularWalls:

  • Premium render-like aesthetics, for a fraction of the cost and installation time
  • No strip footings required, due to simple post and panel system
  • Lightweight masonry alternative
  • Will not succumb to warping, rot, cracking, or termite damage
  • Aluminium post options available for coastal or poolside applications
  • Suitable for BAL29, with the option to customise for BAL40
  • Selected wall styles suitable for up to Wind Region C
  • Acoustically rated by the National Laboratory of Australia (up to 25dB noise reduction)
  • Up to 3m high, with a variety of design options
  • Accepts a range of wall finishes, including paint, texture paint, tiles, and cladding
  • Can integrate retaining, lighting, decorative screens, slats, letterboxes, and more
  • Extended 15-year warranty

Wall styles:


The premium fencing solution
Slimwall fencing by Modular Walls - Master Groups

SlimWall is a modular premium fencing solution that combines quality and value. With its sleek, modern design, acoustic properties and ability to integrate retaining, lighting, infills, slats and more, SlimWall is the fencing revolution that Australian homeowners didn’t even know they were waiting for.

Post Selection: Primed Galvanised Steel or Aluminium
Selection Length: Post Centre 2.42m / Panel Length 2.40m

Product Summary
SlimWall Product Summary


The versatile alternative
voguewall by Modularwalls - Master Groups

VogueWall is a masonry-alternative modular wall with the versatility to make any design a reality. Designed to closely mirror the dimensions of a rendered masonry wall with piers, it offers a world of design potential, whilst its applicational versatility makes it the perfect all-rounder.

Post Selection: Aluminium
Selection Length:
Post Centre 2.60m / Panel Length 2.40m
Post Centre 3.20m / Panel Length 3.00m

Product Summary
VogueWall Product Summary


The high performer
Trendwall by Modularwalls - Master Groups

TrendWall is the most effortless to use fencing option for consumers looking for flexibility. Offering all the optimal heights of fencing, acoustical and shock absorption, and rust-resistant aluminium posts, TrendWall is the top-ranked fencing option for the Australian market. TrendWall has been designed specifically for ease of installation. Simply snap together using its unique interlocking system. The result? A fence with an aesthetic appeal rivaling any timber panel product available today.

Post Selection: Aluminium
Selection Length:
Post Centre 2.45m / Panel Length 2.40m
Post Centre 3.05m / Panel Length 3.00m

Product Summary
TrendWall Product Summary


The grand statement
Estatewall by Modularwalls - Master Groups

EstateWall is a robust masonry-alternative modular wall that creates a grand entrance. Showcasing their largest posts yet, EstateWall is designed for those who are looking for an elegant blend of distinction and sophistication.

Post Selection: Primed Galvanised Steel
Selection Length:
Post Centre 2.70m / Panel Length 2.40m
Post Centre 3.30m / Panel Length 3.00m

Product Summary
EstateWall Product Summary

As society progresses, more and more people are moving into densely populated areas. This has led to a need for new and innovative ways to create more living space. ModularWalls, Slimwall, VougueWall, and EstateWall are four such innovations. They’re all great options for creating extra room without sacrificing style. Each one can add an element of warmth and character to any interior setting. The possibilities with these modular systems are endless!

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