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Acoustic fencingAcoustic Fence Sydney or Modular Fence is an efficient method of soundproof fencing to reduce environmental and external noise pollution. Today urban areas are most densely populated; houses and buildings are often constructed close to each other increasing environmental noise. Moreover, people living close to street and busy road suffer from sound pollution which has multiple effects on their health. When you have built your dream house to live a peaceful life or enjoying your outdoor property, the last thing you will want to be disturbed by annoying noise. Whether it is a busy street, noisy neighbors, traffic or other infrastructure making the noise, the overgrowing density of our cities is demanding noise barrier more and more every single day. City planners, industrial and commercial developers are all relying on acoustic fencing. This technique has introduced to us an effective solution to noise pollution problem. These days many homeowners take acoustic fencing as the first choice for their residential property.

So, how does Modular Acoustic Fencing work?

Acoustic/Modular fences create barrier with sufficient quantity of mass, height and density to impede and deflect sound as it travels. Remember acoustic fencing can’t completely neutralize the noise but only minimize it and drastically reduce the sound wave, creating a more peaceful environment.

Advantages of Modular / Acoustic fencing:

Sound reduction: The effectiveness of acoustic fencing depends on the mass, height, fencing material and how well the fence is constructed. Normally a good acoustic fence can reduce noise levels by over 30 decibels. Sometimes even lighter acoustic boards and materials can reduce noise noticeably.

Customizable: Acoustic fences come with various style and customized finishes that help to design the fence to blend into any environment. This feature of acoustic fence makes it flexible to use in industrial, commercial, residential and in public sector.

Good appearing and add value: Acoustic fences / Modular Fences are very versatile. They can make your property looks good and also add extra value to your property.  There are variety of style and attractive designs are available for acoustic fencing that allows you to enhance any environment by choosing the right acoustic fence option for your need.

Long lifespan: Acoustic fences don’t need extra care and after install services. If maintained well a good acoustic fence should have a lifespan of at least 20 years.

To have all these advantages of acoustic/modular fencing you have to ensure a quality product and some other minor things such as distance between noise source and receiver, relative height of source and receiver with respect to barrier. These things could be minor but very important to improve the effectiveness of acoustic fencing and a professional fencing service provider is needed to ensure that these measurements are carefully taken. We, ‘Mastergroups’, the fencing company with highly trained professional staffs and experts are here to make it happen. Our advisor can advise and instruct you to get the best service and help you to go through the process.

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