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In slat fencing, horizontal boards or planks are used to make a fence. Usually, there are small spaces between the boards to allow some visibility through the fence. The boards or wood planks could be of the same width or varying widths. If you are looking for a stylish outdoor fence that can ensure the proper security of your property at the same time, then slat fencing is the right one for you. Slat fence is suitable for coloring in a wide variety allowing you to choose your favorite color on your outdoor property. You can also have wood grain looks which are great for appearance. Slat fences are widely used privacy working as a barrier between your nosy neighbor or passers-by. The use of aluminium in slat fencing is getting very popular as it offers some extra benefits than wood planks.

Aluminium Slat Fence

Benefits of slat screen fencing:

Gives attractive look: Slat fence is highly recommended fencing for enhancing the appearance of a property. The horizontal placement of the slats with proper space between them gives a greater curb appeal to the yard or landscape. This is the reason that slat fencing is being used more for decoration purposes and less for security or privacy purpose.

Customizable: There is no fencing other than slat fencing that is extremely customizable. In this fence, you have a wide range of different options you can choose to give a unique look to your property. You can use thin or thick slats with a uniform gap between the boards, different shapes of slats allowing you to make curves and designs as you want, and other engravings in the wood. Also, you can color slat fences according to your choice whether it is to match the roof of your house or the gate or just your favorite color. You can customize the color of each slat if you want.

Sturdiness: Slat fences are really strong and robust. Especially the aluminium slat fencing is extremely sturdy. No trauma, no accidental knock or hit against the fence can crack or bend this type of fence. This material can last long enough to serve for generations. There is no doubt about its durability.

Easy maintenance: Slat fence does not need high maintenance. It can withstand any extreme climate and last long without any maintenance aside from light cleaning or washing if needed, the fencing will always remain in fresh and clean as new.

Easy to replace: Repairing a damaged fence is both time and money-consuming task. You have to replace the entire section of the damaged fence. But in the case of slat fencing, it is very easy to replace the broken slats only and it will as strong as new.

You get to choose your privacy level: When you are installing a fence around your property, all the portions of the yard do not need some privacy. Maybe you want your front yard to be shown to others or you want to see what’s going on at the front of your house and you can decide exactly how much vision you require by slat fencing. It allows you to adjust the privacy level according to your need by changing the slat sizes and spacings.

Great for plants: If you want to grow plants or flower alongside the fence, then slat fencing could be the right one for you. Slat fences are better in air circulating than the solid fences and this air circulating will benefit the plants.

Professional guideline: As we mentioned before slat fencing often used for decorative and aesthetic purpose and without a professional help you can’t get the exact curb appeal you want. If the work is done by unskilled person, then there is chance that you will fail to get all the benefits of slat fencing. That is why we are here; our professional experienced workers and advisors are ready to guide you through the entire process.

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