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When it comes to the security of your home or business, you should never compromise. Master Groups offers a wide range of products to suit your specific security needs.

  • Get peace of mind knowing that your fence installation is being done by experienced professionals.
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Automatic Gates provide a unique and high-level security solution and are flexible for any circumstances and regardless of use in large commercial and industrial applications such as businesses and warehouses, in a residential area or in a company, or even in a private house. How many times do you have to get out of the car to open the gate and get caught in rain, snow, and wind? You can easily resolve this annoying and uncomfortable situation by installing automatic sliding gates. It is an excellent choice for a residential and commercial driveway gate. Automatic sliding gates are very convenient, practical, and fast systems that can be opened with just one simple click.

Benefits of automatic sliding and swing gates that make it a great investment:

Security: The most secure automatic gate system you will find around is the sliding gate system due to its operation and positioning. They are more secure than swing gates as they have less vulnerable points and ria gid structure. They are also a lot harder to force open making them almost impossible to open by an unauthorized person.

Appearance: When you are installing fences and gates around your property, you are thinking about only security. But what if you can have both security and curb appeal at the same time? The automatic sliding gate comes with various design so you can give a classic or modern look to your landscape and increase the level of the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

Automatic Sliding Gates and Swing Gates Company

Increase property value: Installing am automatic sliding gate is an effective way to increase your property value. It helps you to attract potential buyers and get extra money when your property is sold. 

Convenience: You don’t have to physically open an automatic gate in order to gain entry and it is very convenient especially in a rainstorm or a bad weather condition. These doors operate on their own and reduce manpower. There is various method to unlock an automatic gate such as remote control, card readers, keypad and some advanced gates come with sensor that read specific signal for entry.

Less space: Another important benefit of automatic sliding gate is that it occupies less space when compared to the rest of the gates.


We install and Supply All Type of Automatic Gates, Balustrades and Security Access Systems in Sydney

  • Aluminium Sliding Gates

  • Security Sliding Gates 

  • Swing Gates

  • Boom Gates

  • Balustrades 

We are able to supply and install a wide range of sliding gates including aluminium sliding gates, wooden sliding gates, automatic steel sliding gates, heavy duty sliding doors,  swing gates, boom gates and balustrades

Automatic sliding gates installation and all its related works are highly professional work and should be dealt with expert and professionally trained workers. ‘Master Groups’ has brought you the ultimate fence and gate install service, repair and maintenance service with professional advisor and highly trained workers.

Make a statement today by upgrading your home’s security with Automatic sliding, swing gates installed by the experts at Master Groups! Benefit from our professional installation services and ensure your family’s peace of mind. Don’t delay – take advantage of our superior customer service now!

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