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Chain wire fenceChain wire fence sydney also known as chain link fence is a type of woven fence usually made from hot-dip galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wires bent and fashioned in a diamond pattern or could be other patterns as well. It is one of the oldest forms of wire-based fencing and most versatile and popular types of fencing as well. It is used for a wide variety of application in domestic, rural, commercial, governmental and industrial fencing. Maybe it is one of the most used fences in Australia.

Chain wire fences are mostly used as a barrier and property divider but whatever the purpose is chain wire fencing also offer a strong secure deterrent to intruders and keep the area safe. That’s why this kind of fence is also used with additional security features- barbed wire, spike wire, razor wire to meet extra security. People also use this feature installed on cranked extensions brackets for even more substantial security levels. Chain wire fence also used hugely for making gates. Chain wire fencing gates are very common and can be seen in restriction area fencing, industrial or governmental area fencing.

Benefits of chain wire fencing

Cost-effectiveness: Comparing to the other fencing types and materials chain wire fencing is the most affordable fencing while offering a huge variety of advantage. The installation of chain wire fence is also very simple, quick and least expensive. If you are concerned with budget then chain wire fence could be the best cost-effective solution for you without compromising the strong and visibility fence feature.

Durability: This type of fence is incredibly tough and strong. The interlocking coated steel wire makes it sturdier. As made of galvanized steel the fence can never be destroyed by pests or rot.

The advantage of wind passing through the fence makes it more compatible to any kind of weather-related damage. The long-lasting materials help chain wire fence to withstand the encountered environmental stress on a frequent basis and maintain its condition as good as new.

Ease of maintenance and repair: After being properly installed this fencing doesn’t require much maintenance. It does not attract dust and debris. Because of galvanizing, aluminizing, vinyl coating and stainless steel it won’t rust and you don’t need to bother with painting or staining. If a section or part of it gets damaged somehow- they can simply be cut and then replaced. The repaired work will be unnoticeable.

Security: These fences offer top level security to your property. The coating and interlocked steel wire makes it impossible to breach. That’s why it is used to secure airports, military base, correctional facilities and industrial areas. It can be customized with more security features to prevent breakthrough or climbing.

Variety: The coating color variety, shape and thickness of wire, variety of pattern and design makes this fence highly customizable. It can be made with any height you need and you can choose your preferred chain link gate from its different type of gate.

If you are thinking to install chain wire fence for residential or commercial cause then we can help you with that. Our company have well experienced staff who can build the best chain link fence for you in Sydney North Shore. Chain wire fence in Sydney needs to meet the local council requirements and we install fences following all the local council requirements and standards. If you let us build your fence, we can assure you that you don’t have to worry about safety and quality of the work.

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