Colorbond Fence

Colorbond fences are made of lightweight and sturdy steel material coated with high-quality paint that is extremely durable and tightly blended into the steel base. Steel base are made out of galvanized steel. Special coating like zinc alloy coating between the steel base and the paint make them fit together better. Colorbond fences are way stronger than timber fencing or any other wood fencing as it is made with galvanized and highly processed steel. The most of the processes of making colorbond steel have been developed in Australia which left no doubt that these fences are good match for Australian climate. The cold reduction process; hot rolled coil steel is cleaned by the use of acid and then pressed with rolls; makes stronger and thinner steel. Then the steel base is treated with anti-corrosion and weather-resistant paint which makes colorbond fence just the perfect fit for the outdoor use specially under the Australian climatic conditions.

There are a ton of benefits of colorbond fence that include

Aesthetic appeal and multiple color option: With its clean crisp lines and seamless finishes colorbond fencing acts as a factor of curb appeal to any property and the fence looks great from both of the sides unlike other fences. There is a wide range of style and design in colorbond fencing that makes it suitable for both backyard and front yard fencing. This type of fence also doesn’t have any vertical gaps, footholds, or even loose palings. Colorbond steel fence comes with 14 colors which makes it easier for you to get the look you want. You can match your fence color with your steel roof or door and give your property an attractive look. The polyester coating technology keeps your fence stays looking newer for longer. All these characteristics of colorbond fence makes the fence flexible to blend with the environment and the design of any property.

Rot and rust free: This type of special fence is made of quality steel, you don’t have to worry about its getting rotted or rusted by rain in winter. Also, steels are free of termite’s infestation. Colorbond steels are also great in heat and fire resistance and can protect your property during a bushfire.

It is made to last: Colorbond fence is highly resilient and durable and it is design to stand for the test of time. If it is installed properly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions with well-installed footings, a colorbond fence should last for 20-30 years. This is the estimate in case the colorbond fence is not mechanically damaged in any way. Some even go as far as to say that this could be the only fence you’ll ever need.

Maintenance free: The best thing about having a colorbond fence is that you are getting rid of all those maintenance expenses and boring tasks that other types of fences required. All you need to do is wash it with water when you see there is a need for that.

Good choice for environment: People who are conscious of environment they will be glad to hear that colorbond fence is environment friendly as the material of the fence which is steel; is 100 percent recyclable material. The waste materials that left when installing the fence can also be recycled.

This high quality, strong and durable steel material is manufactured by unique and long process. So, the question of price is always present. Colorbond fencing is comparatively more expensive than timber and other fencing.  But if you ask any professional or expert, you will come to know that it won’t be overpriced.

Colorbond fence should be installed by professional workers on the supervise of experts. The proper installment of the fence will ensure that it serves well for years to come. We are successfully installing colorbond fence around Sydney north shore. Our expert advisors are always ready to help you to guide and instruct to get the best fence with convenient price.

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