What Do You Need to Know About Retaining Walls?

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Retaining walls are an important part of any garden, home or office. They give privacy and security by filtering rainwater and keeping debris out of the soil. Depending on the design and style of your walls, they can either add to the overall look of your garden or complement a design you already have.

There are many types of retaining walls for you to choose from. It is possible to have walls built with different materials to suit the style of your garden or office. Natural walls can include rocks, sandstone, shale, concrete or any other stone material that will be suitable for your local climate.

In Sydney, there are two main types of retaining walls. Bricks are used in traditional Australian gardens and in well-planned suburban developments, and with an associated cost to fit them properly.

Terracotta pots and bricks are excellent for retaining walls and they add a unique look to the landscape. It is possible to use different colors and textures to compliment your design. Large designs and large pots are ideal if your walls are large enough for a landscape structure.

Concrete retaining walls are one of the cheapest options available. They can also be a natural feature in gardens. Concrete walls come in a variety of styles, including straight and curvy surfaces. The natural and chemical properties of concrete make it perfect for the right application in gardens.

Stone walls are traditionally used as “vegetation barriers”. Stone is easy to maintain and its ability to blend in with the surroundings makes it suitable for most areas. Stone walls are also an affordable option, even in Sydney, depending on the size and number of walls you require.

Brick walls are the most expensive but provide privacy and security. Brick walls do not absorb water well, so they should be installed in the middle of a garden or landscaped area. If you install a brick wall, they should be far enough away from the centre to protect walking areas and gardens.

Wallpapered walls are another form of a brick wall and are often placed in “out of sight” areas. The walls are textured and can be textured. This provides additional beauty to your garden or area and also adds an element of security.

Natural stone or Terra cotta walls are popular choices, but the stone is not recommended in Sydney’s strong winds and heavy rainfall. The wind will damage the stone and sometimes this stone wall can fall over.

Glass walls are more modern and stylish and are ideal for large offices or homes. A glass wall is fitted with special panels, which absorb rainwater and keep debris out of the ground. They are also an attractive and cost-effective choice.

If you wish to have a landscape wall, there are a number of options available to you. For a more personal touch, you can choose to have a traditional-looking garden wall with a fire screen, which includes a raised shelf around the edge. This is a very sophisticated look and can also provide privacy if required.

Stucco walls are very popular in Sydney because they are able to achieve the look you want without being highly costly. They are also weather-resistant and maintain their color and texture. Stucco can also be sprayed on to give your walls a completely different look.

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