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What could be more beautiful and sightliest than a turf for your garden or yard. Turfing is the most covetable landscaping in the world. Turfing can give your garden or backyard a divine green spectacular view and turn your property into an amazing landscape. Turf grass can make your gardening easier and give your vegetable garden a greater view. Turf grass is randomly be seen on golf course and other sports field. Whether it is for sports purpose or residential or commercial purpose turf is the first and best choice to help you with. There are more benefits you can enjoy of turf grass than just being a beautiful lush carpet for your property.

Climate control and environmental benefits:

Air: Turf grass prevent air pollution and purify air by absorbing greenhouse gases. It provides oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. A survey shows that a 50-by-50 ft patch of turf grass produces such quantity of oxygen that is needed for a family of four. It also perspires water into the air, increasing humidity and decreasing pollutants.

Temperature: The continuous evaporation of turf grass absorbs solar radiation and work as natural air-conditioner. It can reduce the urban heating effect. On a summer day, a sidewalk might well reach above 100-degree Fahrenheit, whereas a lawn surface might remain at around 75-degree Fahrenheit. The grass temperatures are an average of 10–14-degree Fahrenheit cooler than concrete and asphalt.

Erosion & soil: No other plant is as effective at binding soil as grass. Turf promotes water percolation and prevent water runoff by slowing water velocity. It loosens the soil and increases water storage capability.  It contributes to the fertility of the soil by natural shedding of turf stems and leaves and a large amount of valuable organic matter.

Water purification and conservation: Turf grass protect water quality by letting water travels to soil via grass’s root and thus work as natural water purifier. It stops water runoff and ensure clean water pass to underground allowing more of it to be absorbed into the soil to the benefit of ground water reserves.

Benefits for human:

Beauty and health benefits: A grassy green area always plays a vital part in improving mental health. Healthy turf ground makes easy arranging of recreational gathering and setting for the whole family to enjoy a good leisure time.

Property value: A property with a perfect turf grass increase the value of the property. It has been proved that a home with a turf landscaping is sold with 5% to 10% higher price and also it is sold quicker.

Recreation & injury reducer: Turf grass could be a low-cost way to provide you with a safe recreational surface for kids and adults. Turf has been used as a sports surface. It helps to absorb physical impact and reduce injuries. Turf grass can make family picnic, friends gathering or a party more enjoyable and beautiful in your backyard.

Help with noise: Most of the people is ignorant of the fact that turf grass is also a very effective noise reducer. It can reduce noise by 8 to 10 decibels. This could be very useful in an urban location.

Why you need professionals for turf grass set up: There are a lot of parameters that you need to consider and keep in mind before setting up turf grass. A lot of species of turf grass are out there and you should get the one that is most suitable for you according to the weather and soil of your place and the environment of your property. That’s why you need professionals who can help choosing the right turf grass for you. Each type of turf grass has its own set of characteristics, so usage is important. When you hire professionals, you just tell them what is your intention of using your lawn- do you have children or pets? Planning on playing sports or just sitting? And they will take care of the rest of the job.

Another important thing you have to make sure is management after turf grass set up. Caring for turf grass is a full-time commitment but each yard is different. For some lawns proper watering and mowing technique is enough while others require turf grass growth regulators and essential macro and micronutrients. Again, you need a professional’s advice for management of your turf grass yard. Different grass needs different nutrients, some needs larger amount of nutrients while some needs smaller amount, even the proper mowing technique is different- maintaining all these parts is a tough task and you need a professional to do the job who can offer you a perfect healthy lawn to enjoy.

What effects the turf grass: How much sunlight your turf grass going to get? Is there shade in the morning or afternoon? Are the front and backyard getting equal sun? Minimum six hours of sunlight each day is required for most turf grasses but can tolerate about 20% shade filter from trees.

What is the type of soil? Is it clay or sand? Is it fertile? Is the pH of the soil ideal for that specific turf grass?

What will be the irrigation system of your lawn? Does there happen a lot of droughts in your region? Do you have to face water restriction often? Watering is necessary for grasses as the organic compounds of the turf grass is made up of 75% to 80% water.

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