The Best Season for Garden Design

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Garden Designs can take a long time to do. Remember that there are many design principles that need to be taken into account when landscaping your garden. A common problem occurs in that people visit a nursery and see something they like. Impulsive purchases for their garden might not match the theme and style of their home. The resulting garden may very well be less than can be expected when using a proper design.

The trick is to plan your garden properly before you go to the nursery. Having a good idea about the size and layout of your garden and what you would like it to become, will help you buy the right things at the right time. However, if you have a professional garden design, all the guesswork will be taken out of purchasing items for your garden. You will not have to think about where to put things, whether they will fit into the space, or into the style and flow of your garden.

It is best to time your garden design well in advance of spring. This provides you with enough time to finalize the design and to accomplish any hard landscaping.

Most nurseries and garden suppliers realise that people generally tend to spend less time and effort on their garden during autumn and winter months. As a result of this, they provide many special offers and price cuts on their stock. This is very good news for someone who has taken the time and the opportunity to time their garden landscaping.

Having a prepared garden plan has many great advantages. A good design will have a complete key and plant list, which will aid in purchasing the correct items and quantities. During the autumn and winter months, return to the nursery regularly with this list. If you are designing your own garden, you should also try to create a complete key and plant list. Different plants and other garden items will be sold as special offers at different times. The impulsive buyer, who tries to do everything at once, often misses out on wonderful deals, or buy something that they don’t really need.

Any good design would have some form of hard landscaping. Hard landscaping includes items such as walls, pathways, gazebos, greenhouses, water features and fountains. They are essential elements of your garden. Installation of hard landscaping could be the most labour intensive activity involved in landscaping your garden. In many cases hard landscaping also has a negative effect on existing plant life surrounding the item during installation. Pretty plants can easily be damaged during installation.

Some hard landscaping items can take a considerable amount of time to install, especially so if you are doing it yourself. Don’t waste the precious spring and summer months installing things that can be done during fall and winter.

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