Steel Fence – Factors to Consider Before Choosing One

Steel fence was used primarily to keep cattle out of private properties. As time passed, steel fence was also used to keep huge animals like deer out of private properties. Now, it’s being used for more purposes than cattle guarding.

The following are steel fence benefits and advantages.

Although steel fence can be very expensive, many homeowners are opting to go with it because it’s durable and strong. If you have your own farm or simply own a few acres of land and you’re thinking of installing a fence, then you should strongly consider purchasing a solid steel fence that will provide you and your family with adequate protection against animals. Metal fencing can be prone to cracking and damages because of the elements, and hollow aluminium is not as durable as steel.

Aside from steel fencing being strong, it’s also very easy to install. There are DIY kits available in the market for home owners to purchase. However, if you don’t want to spend your hard earned money, then you can always hire a steel fencing contractor to install the steel fencing for you. There are many contractors who can offer quality services, along with all the materials that you need. Most DIY aluminium fencing fences are made of hollow aluminium tubes, which are very easy to cut and shape according to individual needs and budget.

Another steel fence benefits and feature are its great design variations. There are several steel fence design variations that you can choose from to make it more attractive and functional. You can either choose to have standard single colour paint colours, or picket tops that are beautifully crafted and designed to perfection. There are also per linear foot rates that you can pick from, so you can determine how much privacy you want.

If you want the most appealing fence in town, then picket tops are the best option. Picket top panels are made up of standard single colour paint and are welded together at the back. The panels are then fastened to a steel rail. Although the panels are very aesthetically-pleasing, the cost of having this type of fence installed is quite expensive.

For a more budget-friendly design, try getting a fence panel with per linear foot rates, but without any extra frills. With this type of design, the panels are fastened together at the back, with the steel frame resting on post caps that sit on a steel rail. This type of design is cheaper compared to other variations and is much easier to maintain. It also has the nice aesthetics of a picket fence, with the smooth textures and painted designs. This does, however, require that regular maintenance is done on the fence, which could get pricey.

Tubular steel fences are the priciest option for home owners. These come in different types of widths and sizes, depending on what type of gate you need for your property. These fences are made up of standard single colour paint, and the panels are fastened to a steel rail via welding. Installation of these fences is pretty easy, depending on the manufacturer, as it only requires simple digging of the ground to place the poles.

If you are looking for the highest security option available in town, then consider steel over other options. Not only are they more durable and sturdy than other materials, they also look better and are more aesthetically pleasing due to the different and well-crafted designs available. They are also more expensive, depending on the type of steel used to make up the panel, the size of the panel and the number of sides and rails in the panel. Also depending on where you live in Australia, different regulatory standards may apply, so it’s important that you check with the local council to ensure that your steel fence complies with local laws.

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