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Underfloor Heating Installation in Sydney

Floor Heating  is one of the cost effective solution for you home
under floor heating installation and maintenance

Underfloor Heating Services

Underfloor heating system is the best solution comes to heating up your residential or commercial without taking up any valuable space .leaving no dust or maintenance and with fully programmable thermostats designed to set and forget until the time which you no longer required to use heating.

  • Best European product
  • known in the Australian market for more than 40 years
  • extensive warranty on Installation
  • 20 years warranty on underfloor heating cables
  • 5 years warranty on thermostats
  • dust and maintenance free
  • no – obligation free quote Service
  • minimum disruption to any renovation schedule


IN Screed Underfloor Heating

In screed, underfloor heating cable is the most versatile type of heating system in renovations and new houses.

this cable designed to be embedded at least 20mm mixture of sand and cement. it is a practical solution in both wet (Bathroom) and Dry (Living/dining/kitchen) areas where highly adaptable of cable helps to basically use any type of flooring such as

  • Tile
  • Granite
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Concrete

response time of heating depends on the thickness of screed and tile or stone, with a recommended thickness of 20mm to 35mm plus 10mm tile response time will be 60 minutes.

Under Tile 

Undertile floor heating system is thin pre-formed cable mat highly efficient and quick response time system where mat designed to be installed top of the screed or concrete floor and directly beneath the tile.

Undertile is most popular in the area where normally problems with the hights of the floor for a different reason which in screed cable are not suitable or simply for high response time.

In Slab

In slab heating systems is designed to install after reinforcing mesh prior to the concrete being poured. as in slab heating has slow response time it is highly recommended to use off-peak power can be utilised and use as heat storage . in slab heating cable can be used in new houses or extension to the existing house also can be an advantage of the time of use electricity metering.

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