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Home & commercial property Supplies

Supplies various products for your home and commercial property
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Owning a property also means looking for supplies to keep the property in prime condition forever. You may need a new lawnmower for your lawn or cleaning equipment for your garage, a new hose or watering system for your garden and so on.

It is difficult to visit different shops for all your requirements. That’s where Master Groups can help you. As experienced property managers and developers, we know what supplies a property owner would need. That makes us the perfect people to help you solve your supply problems.

Master Groups has an array of supplies to cater to your home, commercial property, garden, garage, and lawn. We offer all these under one roof so you don’t have to go from shop to shop in search of the supplies you need.

Some areas we cater to include:

  • Cleaning & Janitorial supplies
  • Security products
  • Fire protection products
  • Defibrillators
  • Kitchen & Catering supplies
  • Site Management products

We don’t cater to just commercial or big orders. Our clientele includes domestic and commercial property owners, big and small.

Master Groups also help the clients to manage their water, electricity and gas supplies among others. Whatever your supply needs is it is highly likely you will find a suitable solution with us.

The next time you are worried about supplies or don’t know who to turn to for expert advice, contact us.

Why not call us on 02 8021 4901 and discover the wonderful ways we can help you right now?

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