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Mulching Services

Tree removal & mulching services

Tree removing and mulching services

Creating a beautiful garden takes a lot of effort. Apart from planting, pruning, weeding, and such general garden maintenance activities, mulching is also an important activity to keep your garden thriving.

Mulch provides the soil shade from the sun, helps to retain moisture, and prevent weeds from growing. During off-seasons, mulch is very useful in covering and protecting your flower garden.

Mulching is a specialized activity that requires precise knowledge and expertise. Master Groups has a team of highly experienced gardeners and arborologists, to offer you best advice to keep your garden in the best health and beauty throughout the year.

We offer both composted and uncomposted mulch to suit your various needs. All the products we use comply with:

  • ANL Quality Assurance
  • NASSA – Certified Organic Inputs
  • Australian Standards AS4454, AS4419, AS3743

We offer mulching services covering a wide range of requirements such as:

  • Rehabilitation works
  • Vegetation mulching
  • Cleaning-up of the river and creek banks
  • Clean-up after fires
  • Understory clearing
  • Bushfire mitigation

As you can see from the range of services we offer, we are not limited to taking up domestic or small-scale projects. We handle big commercial projects too, should you need them.

Experienced, well-trained tradesmen carry out all our mulching services with great efficiency and professionalism. Our clientele varies from the DIY garden enthusiast to large-scale building and landscaping projects.

To hire us or to know more about our services, call us on 02 8021 4901 and we would be happy to help you.

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