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At Master Groups, we specialize in providing top-tier industrial fencing solutions tailored to diverse industries and businesses. Our commitment to quality, safety, and functionality ensures that your property remains secure, aesthetically pleasing, and compliant with regulations. Explore our range of industrial fencing services:

1. School Fences: Protecting Educational Spaces

  • Safety First: Our school fences create safe boundaries, keeping students, staff, and visitors secure within the premises.
  • Custom Designs: From classic picket fences to modern mesh panels, we offer customizable options that blend seamlessly with the school environment.

2. Fences for Parks: Enhancing Public Spaces

  • Community Appeal: Our park fences define recreational areas, ensuring safety and delineating green spaces.
  • Durability: Whether it’s a playground or a nature reserve, our park fences withstand the elements while preserving aesthetics.

3. Fences for Day Care: Safety and Peace of Mind

  • Child-Friendly: Our day care fences prioritize safety, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring a protected play area.
  • Bright Colours: Choose from vibrant colours that appeal to children while maintaining functionality.

4. Fences for Warehouses: Securing Valuable Assets

  • Industrial Strength: Our warehouse fences protect inventory, equipment, and personnel.
  • Height and Visibility: We design fences that deter intruders and provide clear visibility for surveillance.

5. Fences for Farms: Rural Security Solutions

  • Farm Fencing: From post-and-rail to wire mesh, our farm fences safeguard livestock, crops, and property boundaries.
  • Farm Aesthetics: We understand the rural landscape and create fences that complement the natural surroundings.

6. Fences for Pools: Safety and Style

  • Pool Compliance: Our pool fences meet safety standards, preventing accidental drownings.
  • Elegance: Choose from glass, aluminium, or steel options that enhance your pool area’s aesthetics.

7. Fences for Construction Sites: Controlling Access

  • Temporary Fencing: We provide robust construction site fences to secure work zones.
  • Visibility: Our mesh panels allow site supervision while maintaining safety.

8. Fences for Yards: Residential Boundaries

  • Privacy and Beauty: Yard fences offer privacy, define property lines, and enhance curb appeal.
  • Materials: opt for timber, steel, or aluminium based on your preferences.

9. Fences for Dogs and Pets: Happy and Safe Spaces

  • Pet Enclosures: Our pet-friendly fences keep furry friends contained and happy.
  • Variety: Choose from picket fences, chain-link enclosures, or custom designs.

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