Pool Fencing – Case Studies

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Case Study 1: Enhancing Safety and Elegance

  • Client: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, a Chatswood family with young children
  • Project Goal: Secure their pool area while maintaining the view and open feel of their backyard.
  • Consultation: The installer discussed safety regulations, and the Johnsons’ aesthetic preferences, and took precise measurements of the pool area. Semi-frameless glass fencing was chosen for its balance of safety and visibility.
  • Installation: The team worked efficiently, following council guidelines and keeping the Johnsons updated. Toughened safety glass and high-grade stainless steel spigots were used.
  • Result: The pool area was transformed with a sleek and secure fence that perfectly blended with the landscape. The Johnsons were delighted with the increased safety and the modern look.
Tubular Pool Fencing
Tubular Pool Fencing

Case Study 2: Slope and Style

  • Client: Ms. Lee, owner of a contemporary home built on a sloping block.
  • Project Goal: Create a stylish pool enclosure that complemented the modern architecture and navigated the terrain.
  • Consultation: The installer assessed the slope and suggested a custom frameless glass design with adjustable spigots to maintain a level fence line.
  • Installation: The team carefully leveled the ground and meticulously installed the panels with special attention to ensuring structural integrity on the slope.
  • Result: The pool fence became a stunning architectural feature, its clean lines enhancing the home’s design while ensuring safety. Ms. Lee was impressed by the seamless integration with the difficult terrain.
Pool Fencing Company
Pool Fencing Project Completed in Sydney

Case Study 3: Council Compliance and a Tight Budget

  • Client: The Smith family, looking for a cost-effective solution to meet safety regulations.
  • Project Goal: Find an affordable pool fence that fully adheres to local council standards.
  • Consultation: The installer explained NSW pool fencing requirements and suggested a modular, frameless glass option. While less customizable, this design offered cost savings.
  • Installation: The team efficiently installed the pre-fabricated panels, ensuring accurate spacing and secure fittings. A council inspection was arranged upon completion.
  • Result: The Smiths achieved a compliant pool fence within their budget. While sacrificing some design flexibility, they felt relieved knowing their pool was secure.

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