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When we talk about landscape and lawn care services mulch is one of the most popular services. Mulch turns your yard or garden into a beautiful landscape and give more attractive look to your property. Everybody wants to make their property and the environment of their house more attractive and eye-catching and mulching could be the best and cheapest way to achieve that. Mulching is an effective method of weed control by placing a layer of material (could be organic or inorganic) over the soil surface and around the plants. Mulching materials include: stone, chip, bark chip, plastic, straw, grass clippings, shredded newspaper, and cocoa hulls. Organic mulches decay over time and are temporary. It is the importance and benefits of mulching which has increased the use of mulching for both commercial and residential purpose to moisturize the soil, to fertilize the garden bed and to improve the look of landscape. 

There are countless benefits of mulching include:

Mulch as nutrients improving the soil: The mulches made from organic components break down and deliver the organic materials to the soil as they decay over time. Thus, improving the soil and making it more fertile for your gardening. Wood chips, pine bark, straw, leaves, grass clippings- these are the mulch elements that are beneficial for soil because they can be easily decomposed. 

Prevent erosion: Soil erosion makes a yard or garden or a landscape look very inaesthetic. One of the main reasons behind soil erosion is water pouring or the fall of rain water. The layer of mulch on the surface of the soil works as a barrier from water pouring and breaks the fall of raining water.  It is a protection layer which keeps your garden well protected, free from soil-related erosion issues.

Weeds prevention: You don’t actually want weeds on the unwanted spaces of your landscape. It will ruin the beauty of your landscape and also could hinder the growth of other plants and mulch can help you to control weeds on the ground. Mulch keeps the soil beneath its shaded layer, typically 2–3-inch layer, stopping the weed from growing and taking over your landscape. It also prevents the weed from getting access to sunlight.

Moisturize the soil: The mulch layer around the plants absorbs more water and make evaporation much slower that keeps water available for long time to your plant roots. It ensures the best overall health of the soil and plants and keeps you free from bother of watering frequently.

Temperature control: Mulch act as an insulator and can save plants during extreme weather. Mulch keeps the soil temperature at average level and keeps the plan root cool in summer and warm in winter. This is also a great advantage to the new plantings which are critical to the temperature changes.

Repel pests: Pest infestation is very harmful for plants especially for vegetable gardening and mulching the garden can help in this case. The organic elements of mulching like barks and other matters work as ejector and help to get rid of the pest problem. Mulches with stronger scent are more effective at keeping unwanted pests such as insects and animals out of your garden.

Improve appearance: One of the most uses of mulches are to improve the appearance of landscape. Mulches enrich the appearance and immediately give an amazing look to your landscape, along the foundation of your home, around the trees and between garden beds. There is also a great collection of colored mulches as well which are mainly used to increase the beauty of your landscape and help you to have a wonderful garden Infront of your home.

The reasons why mulching should be done by professionals: There are many advantages of mulching. It can work as both beauty and health amplifier for a garden. But when you try to mulch your garden by on your own then you are likely to be failed to get the full advantage out of it and in worse case it will harm your garden instead.

 A lot of different types of mulch elements are available and a professional can tell you which one is best for your garden or yard. Again, mulching is not just a work it’s an art and for art you need an artist that is professionals who can help you to choose the right mulching for you.

Some organic mulch elements are able to repel pests from the garden. But there are also some elements that will rather attract the insects than repelling them and, in this way, will cause more harm than good. So, the advice of a professional is needed to get the best mulching and make your yard healthier, more fertile and more suitable for gardening.

Some plants thrive in acidic soil and soil with low pH is good for those plants. If you mulch the soil with rocks then the rocks will elevate the pH of the soil which will affect your plants badly. So, again you will need a professional to tell you which mulches are good for which plants.

The work of mulching is like a work of haphazard. When done by unprofessional hands it could be a mess. It could bedraggle your whole yard and the surroundings or the road and even your home’s veranda with dust and chips. The landscape and lawn care service providers will minimize the mess to the lowest level as possible and will clean up after work.

Professional landscape service providers will make every attempt to protect the existing plants and landscaping and will avoid any damage while in unprofessional hands it is not guaranteed.

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