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Artarmon, NSW: Your Landscape Solutions

Welcome to Artarmon, a vibrant suburb nestled in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, NSW. Known for its leafy streets, bustling commercial areas, and family-friendly atmosphere, Artarmon offers a picturesque backdrop for your landscaping dreams.

Location: Artarmon is conveniently located just 9 kilometers north of the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). Its proximity to major transportation routes, including the Pacific Highway and the North Shore train line, makes it easily accessible from all parts of Sydney.

Council Website:
Explore more about Artarmon and its local council regulations and services on the Willoughby City Council website.

Map Location:
Artarmon, NSW Map

At Master Groups, we’re dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes that reflect your style, needs, and budget. Explore our comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your Artarmon landscape needs:

  1. Landscape Design and Construction
    From concept to completion, our expert team brings your vision to life with innovative designs and quality craftsmanship.
  2. Garden Maintenance
    Keep your Artarmon garden thriving year-round with our professional maintenance services, including pruning, weeding, and lawn care.
  3. Paving and Retaining Walls
    Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space with our custom paving and retaining wall solutions.
  4. Irrigation Systems
    Ensure your Artarmon landscape stays green and healthy with our efficient irrigation system installations and maintenance.
  5. Artificial Turf Installation
    Enjoy a lush, low-maintenance lawn year-round with our premium artificial turf solutions.
  6. Outdoor Lighting
    Illuminate your Artarmon outdoor space with our stylish and energy-efficient lighting designs.
  7. Water Features
    Add tranquility and elegance to your landscape with our custom water feature installations.
  8. Decking and Timber Structures
    Create inviting outdoor living spaces with our durable and beautiful decking and timber structure options.
  9. Vertical Gardens
    Maximize your outdoor space with our innovative vertical garden solutions, perfect for Artarmon balconies and courtyards.
  10. Commercial Landscaping
    Elevate your Artarmon commercial property with our professional landscaping services tailored to your business needs.

Explore our full range of services at Master Groups and start your journey towards a stunning Artarmon landscape today.

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