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Elevate your Hunters Hill property with Master Groups, your local experts in fencing, landscaping, and comprehensive home improvement services. We bring bespoke solutions and unparalleled craftsmanship to every project in this prestigious harbour peninsula suburb.

Discover Hunters Hill

Hunters Hill is an exclusive suburb located 9 kilometers north-west of Sydney’s CBD. Known as “the garden suburb,” it boasts a rich heritage, stunning waterfront properties, and lush parklands. As Australia’s oldest garden suburb, Hunters Hill offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern luxury. The area is governed by the Hunter’s Hill Council.

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Our Hunters Hill-Tailored Services

Fencing Solutions for Hunters Hill’s Prestigious Properties

We offer a range of fencing options to complement Hunters Hill’s elegant homes and estates:

  • Pool Fencing: Luxurious and compliant solutions for Hunters Hill’s waterfront pools
  • Acoustic Fencing: Create serene environments, shielding from nearby water traffic
  • Modular Fencing: Contemporary options for modern Hunters Hill residences
  • Colorbond Fencing: Sleek, durable fencing in heritage-approved colours
  • Timber Fencing: Classic designs to match Hunters Hill’s historic sandstone homes
  • Steel Fencing: Robust security for larger Hunters Hill estates
  • Aluminium Fencing: Corrosion-resistant options for properties near the Parramatta River
  • Chain Wire Fence: Discreet solutions for Hunters Hill’s parks and reserves
  • Hardwood Fencing: Premium fencing to enhance Hunters Hill’s high-end properties

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Landscaping Services to Enhance Hunters Hill’s Garden Suburb Legacy

Create stunning outdoor spaces that honour Hunters Hill’s natural beauty:

  • Landscaping and Gardening: Design gardens that complement Hunters Hill’s historic streetscapes
  • Turfing: Install lush lawns suitable for Hunters Hill’s sandstone-based soil
  • Mowing: Regular maintenance for Hunters Hill’s expansive gardens
  • Soft and Hard Landscaping: Balance native plants with elegant sandstone features
  • Fountain Installation: Add sophisticated water elements to your Hunters Hill garden
  • Decking & Pergola: Craft outdoor living spaces perfect for enjoying harbour views
  • Mulch and Soil: Improve soil health in Hunters Hill’s unique environment
  • Paving: Design charming pathways using materials that echo Hunters Hill’s heritage
  • Concrete: Durable solutions for sloping driveways and challenging terrains

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Comprehensive Home Services for Hunters Hill Residents

We offer a full range of services to maintain and improve your Hunters Hill property:

  • Driveway Concrete Services: Create grand entrances for Hunters Hill’s prestigious homes
  • Electrical: Expert wiring solutions for Hunters Hill’s mix of heritage and contemporary residences
  • Plumbing: Efficient plumbing services for properties of all ages
  • Rendering: Refresh and restore Hunters Hill’s classic rendered facades
  • Underfloor Heating: Add modern comfort to Hunters Hill’s historic sandstone homes

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Professional Painting Services

Revitalize your Hunters Hill property with our expert painting services:

  • Residential Painting: Refresh your Hunters Hill home using heritage-approved colour schemes
  • Commercial Painting: Enhance Hunters Hill’s local businesses while preserving local character
  • House Painting: Interior and exterior solutions for Hunters Hill’s diverse architectural styles
  • Strata Painting: Maintain the beauty of Hunters Hill’s luxury apartment complexes
  • High Rise Building Painting: Expert solutions for taller structures with panoramic views

Why Hunters Hill Residents Choose Master Groups

  • Heritage Expertise: We understand Hunters Hill’s unique architectural and historical significance
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Our team delivers results that match Hunters Hill’s prestigious standards
  • Comprehensive Services: From fencing to painting, we’re your one-stop shop in Hunters Hill
  • Local Focus: We’re committed to preserving and enhancing Hunters Hill’s garden suburb character

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