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Whether you need your property fenced or need miles of barrier fencing in Sydney, our Fencing contractors are pleased to help from start to finish. We have Fencing contractors waiting to work on your next Fencing project. We work with Homeowners, Property Management Companies, Real Estate Execs, Fencing Contractors and Government Agencies! Get free consultation, advice, and quotes today.

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Choosing the wrong Fencing contractor can quickly turn into a nightmare of unmet schedules, over budget expenses, poor workmanship, and lots of unpleasant arguments. Spending a little more time and paying a little more attention in choosing your contractor can avoid all this.

You should ask any of the following and don’t be shy;

1. If your state requires a state license, ask the Fencing contractor Sydney for their state contractors’ number. Contact the relevant state authority and check the status of your contractor.

2. Ask your Fencing contractor for references.
Make sure you get more than one reference and call them. Ask how the Fencing contractor performed. Ask how the contractor dealt with problems and if the job was finished on schedule. Finally, ask how their workmanship and quality of work were. You will find out quickly how that reference feels about that particular contractor.

3. Ask your Contractor if they have any experience with similar jobs and get a list so that you can see them.

4. You should visit the Contractors’ place of business. Be observant; ensure the office is organized and tidy. You should also take note of staff behaviour. Are they kind, courteous, and helpful? These values are generally passed down the chain of command starting with the owner.

5. Demand that the Fencing contractor item lists your quote. You need to see what you are paying for. If a Fencing contractor does not want to do this for you, then he probably is not the contractor you need. Insist on a complete list of all materials and fixtures. This list should be signed
by the contractor and you to be made a part of the contract. This eliminates any miscommunication about what the two of you expect the result to be.

6. Ensure the Fencing contractor carries worker’s compensation for all employees that will be on the job. In some cases, if the Fencing contractor doesn’t have any employees and subcontracts them, there will be no worker’s compensation coverage. However, the contractor should provide you
with proof of liability insurance. Just browse  Fair Trading website for more info regarding Fencing Companies obligations and requirements in Australia.

7. Never pay a contractor in full upfront–  Ensure that both you and the contractor agree upon a reasonable pay schedule. For example, half up front and the remainder upon satisfactory completion.

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