Does a Fence Add Value to a House

For the average homeowner, garden fencing may not necessarily be the first home renovation project they think about when it comes to priorities but the chances are they want to improve their backyard at some point.

We explore some of the reasons why a well installed quality back garden fence could increase your chances of receiving a higher offer depending on the buyer and what appeals to them.

A strong and sturdy yard fencing offers an abundance of benefits to prospective buyers. For instance, a family with pets or young children would likely require a wall that ensures their particular garden is safe and secure but security can mean different things to different homeowners.

It is important to consider that the protection fencing for the home doesn’t stop at the boundary around the lawn yet also the the integrity of the secure fencing itself up to standard. Fences that are broken or perhaps weak in areas not only look unattractive, but will cast doubts about how secure the overall property is.

Traditionally, boundary panels that have been set up into concrete posts have been risky because there is no method to be able to firmly fix the panel to the post. This means the panels can be lifted from the cement articles with ease, leaving up to a 6ft wide gap in your run of fence ( depending on the width of your panels) which poses obvious risks.

All of us recommend, using slotted timber articles when installing fencing so that the sections could be placed into the barrier content and be drilled in to place. Drilling the fences -panel in to the fence content like this stops it from being lifted out in the first place.


The short answer is not very much if it has been poorly mounted.

Professional boundary installation can really impact whether the fencing adds value to the property overall or not really. Whether you choose to hire a skilled professional or perhaps opt for the do-it-yourself approach, it is essential the barrier is definitely installed correctly by simply someone with the necessary skills and knowledge because it will greatly affect the lifespan and whether this falls victim to weather conditions.

A well designed backyard can increase a property’s value by approximately 10-20%.

A fence can be used to define the space within your garden and truly transform its appearance to give shape, definition and purpose to your property. If done properly, effective use of secure fencing can not only attractively frame the yard nevertheless make that appear larger. Selecting a fences made from a sustainable material is considered desirable simply by most people.

The style of a fence is usually another crucial element when adding worth to your home. Installing a design that complements the aesthetics of the surrounding area can be pivotal in finishing your home appropriately.

We all advise researching a varied range of both modern and traditional energy; to ensure you can find a style that perfectly encapsulates the architectural design of your local area. For example, the unique Woven -panel incorporates a contemporary twist on a traditionally rural plank style, crafted with the contours with the countryside landscape in mind to produce a contemporary take on a conventional design.

Updating every aspect of the backyard to suit your new fence is recommended, as new fencing panels often draw attention to the older worn out areas of your outdoor space if it is certainly not updated to a similar common. Landscape gardeners could be costly, although there are cost-effective ways to reinvigorate your garden, such as setting up fresh flower beds and a selection of vibrant flowers to enrich the property’s exterior at a fraction of the price.

Whatever fencing you decide to buy, we suggest always consulting a surveyor to make sure you operate within your back garden border to avoid possible conflict with neighbours, which could ultimately slow down the sale of your home, if you’re involved in boundary disputes. If you take all these factors into consideration setting up a yard wall then it could help to make a positive difference to improving the sale ability and likely add benefit to your premises.

We believe found in high quality fence with low lifetime costs, making a modern day lawn scenery a noteworthy investment opportunity.

Another significant factor which can increase the appeal of a garden boundary is the level of privacy. If you live by simply a main road or in a populated neighbourhood, or maybe you are considering putting in a hot tub, then a wall may act as an effective method of shielding your house coming from prying nearby neighbours with out detracting from your home’s physical appearance.

The average fences level in the Australia is typically 4-6ft large and can either be a solid boarded or slatted style (6ft = 1 ) 83m). Each type of snowboard provides different levels of personal privacy, therefore it depends on your personal preference, and what’s on the other side on the barrier.

For example , those with small children or perhaps pets may be reluctant to buy a property with no perimeter fencing in the garden because not merely does this represent a safety issue, nonetheless it’s an additional future cost with regards to installing fresh level of privacy secure fencing. In our experience a potential buyer is often willing to pay a premium to get homes with fencing already set up to remove the headache.

Solid fences sections remove any chance of visibility and see through all of them while slatted design and style systems like Venetian have gaps between each pale, so they do not offer the same degree of personal privateness because sturdy fence, but for what you trade in privacy you more than make up in modern design. You may consider applying slatted fence energy since screens to create different areas inside your backyard, or to hide unsightly features.

A fence can be utilized to determine the area inside your back garden and really change the overall look to provide form, description and purpose to the property. In the event that carried out properly, successful utilization of fencing will not only beautifully framework your back garden but make it show up bigger. It’s not merely the manufacturing process and top quality of materials used that matter, yet likewise how the fencing is definitely utilised to produce an intriguing yard.

It is necessary to consider a number of elements when installing a new wall. Selecting the right materials is certainly paramount and, generally speaking, a chain link or vinyl boundary will not prove as aesthetically pleasing as a wood one, which offers a natural organic presence and supports the environment.

Nevertheless, poor quality hardwood products are rife and may be unsuccessful in creating a great alluring yard due to the low grade wood and automated production processes. Often , wooden barrier cells purchased at home improvement stores will become of lower quality and begin to warp after only a few years, building the lawn seem worn and unappealing. The lower quality wooden will be susceptible to climate conditions and most likely break in windy conditions. We advise setting up top quality treated timber fence, with a promise that it will complement the exterior presentation of your house for many years, such as for example each of our 25 year guaranteed wood items do.

Most home owners want their very own houses to fit in with others on the region, and secure fencing a home in an unfenced neighborhood can draw unwanted attention, once completed badly with low level components, a bad paint job or a fences that doesn’t match the house. In addition , we would usually recommend not really being the only house on the street with a completely diverse fence than everyone else. Before setting up a fencing, all of us perform suggest considering the neighbourhood’s trends and exploring lawn styles and appearance and the design of this homes within an around your location.

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