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Almost every house with a rear yard or garden or landscape have a fascinating wooden construction at one part of the landscape. This is called decking. It’s an inexpensive way to construct a contemporary area in a yard or a garden to give a fascinating look as well as a well appealing outdoor space to enjoy. Timber decking can be constructed in any position and suit every contour of the garden giving you an opportunity to utilize any unusable area of your garden. Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful terrace or balcony in their garden to enjoy the leisure time and decking can exactly help you to get that. There are two types of decking. Wood decking and composite decking. Again, wood decking comes in two varieties-those made of hardwood boards and those made of softwood boards. The tree material is the main difference between them. Both of them have the same advantages but the hardwood decking requires more maintenance. It is up to you which one you choose to fulfill your need and to go easy on your wallet. Composite decking is made from two or more materials together. Usually made from a mixture of plastic and wood particles. Composite decking is more beneficial than wood decking in some ways which makes it very popular for landscaping.  

The advantages that decking offers include:

Adds aesthetic view to your garden: You can have a variety of colors and finishes in decking. With all these design options you can give your garden or landscape a unique look. You can also decorate your deck as you like. You can put decorations, lights, garlands and small plants around your deck to make a nice environment and to give a cooler look to your garden. Also, decking with wood components gives a natural attractive look and it feels like natural beauty and not an artificial one.

Increase property value: It has been seen that most buyers prefer home with a well-constructed deck in the backyard. Home with decks surprisingly sold with higher prices than one without. The cost of building a deck is very little comparing to the value that it increases when attached to a property. Some experts claim that building a deck is the most affordable way to boost the value of your home.

Provide extra space: If you are out of space and you are really struggling to adjust all the furniture in your home then building a deck can solve your problems. It is very annoying when you have no room to place your patio furniture and barbeque in the garage and you just simply put them in your backyard or garden conveying a bad effect on your landscape view. But if you have a deck outside your home you don’t have to worry about that. Decks are also a perfect place for bird feeders, plotted plants and other decorative furniture. Most decks come with usable space underneath them giving you some additional space to store outdoor equipment.

Upgrade safety and view of outdoor place: Your deck outside of your house could be a place that ensures the safety for kids and pets. That could be achieved by installing banister post with handrails made of wood or steel and glass panel around your deck which will ensure safety without blocking the view of your deck and home. Glass panel is a great decoration to give your deck a stunning modern look.

Entertaining place to host parties with friends and family get-togethers: Decks are a perfect entertaining place. If you often party with your friends or you would like to invite people over to your house for dinner, having a decks can really add extra charm to that. Guest can enjoy fresh air in open warm environment talk to each other and have a lot of space to relax and play games. It will also allow you to invite more people than you could if you were restricted to the inside space only. You can host your guests better by adding extra feature to your deck like lighting, grill and built-in kitchen.

Affordable and time saving way of buildings renovation: Whether you want to renovate your house or property or you want to build your yard with any landscaping service all of them will go really hard on your wallet except decking. Actually, decking could be the most inexpensive or affordable way to build or renovate your house. The decking services need a very little time to complete. Houses with small or moderate landscape area could be covered by decking within a day. So, it is the one of the fastest landscaping services.

Why professionals needed for decking: Decking is a work of good measurements and skills. The efficiency and beauty that a deck render depends mainly on the right measurement and finishing. A person with no professional knowledge is likely to fail to get that done.

When we are talking about wood decking then the proficiency is more important. If the work is not done properly then it is very normal that the wood products will be damaged easily. It will also fail to ensure the product’s longevity. Wood and composite decking need maintenance at least once in a year. Professional workers will give you suggestion on how to maintain your deck in the right way.

Factors that affect decking and bad for long lasting: A properly built deck with good quality products can be expected to last for decades but a lesser quality deck built by unskilled hands can show signs of deterioration within a few years and can increase the cost of repair and maintenance abruptly.

No matter what decking material you choose good and regular maintenance is important for long lasting of your deck. Maintenance includes cleaning, refinishing and repairing. Different materials need different maintaining. Proper maintenance will prevent moisture damage, sun fading, structural damage and mold, fungus or other pest related damages and problems.

Decking is also affected by climate. High rainfall and humidity causing moisture damage, prolonged exposure to sun’s UV can cause the deck materials to fade and extreme heat and snow or frost could lead to splitting or cracking to the deck surface.

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