Are you a Homeowner, Builder, Architect, or Designer?

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one, we have concrete design solutions for you.

If you are building a new home we can install your concrete driveway, concrete patio area or concrete pool surround and complete your concreting for the entire exterior in one go as well as interior flooring solutions also. We offer the latest in interior concrete flooring solutions also. Polished Concrete is fast becoming the finish of choice for homeowners who want a hard wearing classy finish that will be a talking point for any visitor who comes into your new home.

What makes the team at Master Groups so unique is that we can be involved in your project from the design stage at the start of your project right through to the end product. There are many advantages to this. For example, if you building your new home we can place your concrete floor and add whichever colour you desire as well as decorative concrete stones of your choice to really bring your floor to life. Also, because of the fact that we can do all of your concrete, we can offer PACKAGE DEALS.

What this means to you is that you don’t have to do all the running around organising different trades hoping that you may get a reliable tradesman. One email and you can have the whole lot organised for you in one hit, plus, YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. Email us through your plans and your ideas and let us show you what we can do.

We can offer the absolute latest in resurfacing options available in Sydney North Shore. We can pretty well re-surface any existing concrete to make it look like new again. We are not talking about unreliable Stencil Crete which you see on every renovated house in town. If you have an old stamped concrete driveway we can make it look better than how it looked when it was first laid in different colours. If you have an exposed aggregate concrete driveway, patio or pool surround we can grind it to give it that ultra-modern polished look we can make it look like stone or tile.
Interior floors are no problem with an older home either. We can remove any existing floor coverings and polish the concrete underneath and we can even colour old existing concrete to and polish it to suit your decor. If on rare occasion, the concrete is not sound enough to be polished we can install the latest in epoxy coatings, acid staining, and concrete dyes to tailor your floor to your personal taste. Our flooring machines are so good that we can even sand and re-coat your old timber flooring to bring it back to life with a perfectly flat, chatter-free finish!

Our Concrete Services

Master Groups has been working in closely with homeowners. We are customer focused and prefer working with clients who want something a little different and done top quality. These are some of the concrete and flooring services that we supply regularly. Your home is your castle and you live in it every day. Don’t settle for average. Be inspired.

INTERIOR FLOORING SOLUTIONSPolished Concrete is fast becoming one of the most popular, low maintenance flooring options of choice around the world. We can polish the concrete in your new home or your existing home. What makes us so different from the rest is that we can be involved in your project at the design stage, through the placement of your concrete right through to the polished final product. 

EPOXY FLOORING – We can finish any concrete area with a high strength epoxy floor. There are an unlimited number of colours to choose from. We only use the best products you can buy (which aren’t available to the public) to bring you a floor to suit any need.

FLOORS – We don’t lay concrete in bulk for builders doing plain big slabs as a rule. We become involved with doing house slabs for clients who want to bring their interior floor to the next level. For example, when a client wants to have decorative stones or pebbles placed into their new floor which is to be polished or if they have an extravagant design which is going to need to be done right.

DRIVEWAYS & PATHWAYS– These can be done in any number of finishes. At Master Groups we go the extra mile and install our concrete at a higher strength concrete and a higher gauge steel than standard to give our clients that added piece of mind.

ALFRESCO & PATIO AREAS & POOL SURROUNDS – This is always a real focal point for any home so don’t put boring old tiles like every other home in town. Be inspired, add something that is going to b a talking point for friends and visitors to you home.

STEPS – Don’t settle for plain concrete stairs. Go decorative.

RE- SURFACING – If you have an old driveway or patio area that you want to re-vamp without the cost of replacing it, we have more options than you could imagine. We can even resurfacing paving stones.

MINOR EXCAVATION – We have many machines at our disposal so we excavate and sub grade all of our concrete. Plus we can remove any old slab that is not worth keeping.

RENDERING – Walls & Fences & Barbeques you name it.

TENNIS COURTS – What more can you say. They can be finished in any colour you like.

PAVING – We can have areas paved for you or we can incorporate paving bands etc into the design of your concrete areas

SEALING / RE-SEALING – We can clean and re-seal just about any existing concrete.

We are always providing services to many Civil Contractors and Commercial Landscaper in the Sydney North Shore. Our civil team prides itself on being able to complete jobs faster and neater than the competition. Send us through you plans and we can price them up for you. These are the services that we provide on a regular basis.

FOOTPATHS & CYCLEWAYS – We can provide all the finishes you require and can place and finish the concrete as fast as you can get it ready.




MEDIAN STRIPS – Plus all the decorative finishes you require.


CAR PARKS – We can finish your car park in plain and coloured concrete or we can finish it in any number of decorative finishes.

FLOORS – Once again, we do not become involved with doing the floors unless they are specialised and tied in with a decorative element of the overall design. Send us your ideas.



INTERIOR FLOORING SOLUTIONS – All of these can be used in most commercial settings.

All of our finishes, interior and exterior are backed by 5 & 10 year warranties depending on the finish you choose.

Bring us your ideas and designs. It really is amazing what finishes can be achieved when we combine a number of finishes.

We welcome the challenge. Send us through your plans and ideas, let us WOW you with what we can do.

Have a good look through and then click on through to the CONTACT PAGE and send us your plans.

We also provided gardening and landscaping and underfloor heating services,  call or fill our contact us form for more details

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